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Creating Violin plot online

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If you want to create a violin plot, simply select the variables for which you want to create a violin plot above. DATAtab will then create the violin plot with the selected variables.

Creating Violin plot online

Violin Plot

With the help of a violin plot you can display the distribution of metric data graphically. It is a way of visualizing the distribution of a dataset, showing not only the mean and variance, but also the entire range of the data. The violin plot is similar to the boxplot, but additionally the probability distribution of the respective variable is displayed. Thus, a violin plot is a combination of a boxplot and a kernel density plot.

How is a violin plot created?

The violin plot has a similar shape to a traditional box plot, with a box that represents the interquartile range (IQR) and lines that represent the median and the upper and lower quartiles. However, instead of a box, the violin plot uses a "violin" shape to represent the entire distribution of the data. The violin shape is created by plotting a kernel density estimate (KDE) of the data, which shows the probability density of the data at different points.

When is a violin plot used?

Violin plots are particularly useful when the dataset has a lot of outliers or when the distribution is highly skewed. They allow you to visualize the entire distribution of the data, including the tails, which might not be visible in a box plot. They also allow you to compare the distributions of multiple groups of data by plotting multiple violin plots on the same graph.

Violin plots are widely used in many different fields such as scientific research, finance, and industry. They can be used to visualize data in various domains like biology, economics, and social science.

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