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Create Raincloud Plot

To create a raincloud plot online, select the variables you want to plot in a raincloud plot.

Create Raincloud Plot online

A raincloud plot consists of a boxplot and a violin plot. Therefore, a raincloud plot can be used to display a lot of information at once.

Raincloud Plot

Raincloud plots are a relatively new type of data visualization that is designed to provide a clear and concise summary of the distribution, central tendency, and spread of a dataset. It combines multiple types of plots such as box plots, density plots, and scatter plots to provide a comprehensive view of the data.

The raincloud shape is created by plotting a kernel density estimate (KDE) of the data, which shows the probability density of the data at different points. The scatter plot, on the other hand, shows the individual observations in the dataset, which allows you to see the distribution of the data without being influenced by outliers. The box plot, which is included in the raincloud plot, provides a summary of the central tendency, spread, and skewness of the data.

Raincloud plots are particularly useful when you want to compare the distribution of multiple groups of data. It allows you to see the differences in the distribution, central tendency, and spread of each group, and it also allows you to see the overlap between the groups.

When is a raincloud plot used?

Raincloud plots are becoming more popular in fields such as psychology, neuroscience, and epidemiology, but they can be used in many other fields as well. They are particularly useful in medical research, where they can be used to visualize the distribution of continuous variables in different groups of patients.

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