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DATAtab is an easy-to-use statistics software available at By eliminating the need for installation and maintenance, it is especially user-friendly, as all calculations are performed directly in the user's web browser. In addition, DATAtab is of course DSGVO compliant.

Statistics software made simple

Especially in times when almost everyone works in a home office, it is a great advantage to be able to analyze data easily from home. As the collection and analysis of data becomes more and more important worldwide, students and companies need to find ways to analyze their data. However, many questions arise in this context: what is correlation analysis? What is a box plot? What is a regression model? And above all, the question: how can I calculate it as easily and quickly as possible? DATAtab was developed to solve this problem! DATAtab was designed from the ground up to be as easy to use as possible. Thus, an online statistics software has been created that makes statistics easy.

Free statistics software

Alternative statistics software to SPSS, SAS and Minitab

DATAtab offers a fully functional statistical software that is immediately familiar to everyone. It is very easy to enter, copy and paste data, calculate new values, define the scale of measurements and select statistical methods. DATAtab is built on the latest web technology, so all algorithms are executed directly in the web browser and no connection to the server is required for calculations. This makes DATAtab a super alternative statistics software to the classic, often very expensive competitors.

Statistics software at a fair price

1 Month 3 Months 1 Year 3 Years
License ends automatically (no cancellation necessary) and is valid for unlimited use by one user.

In addition to the extensive statistical methods, DATAtab provides automatic statistical and content interpretation of the results.

Extensive functions & useful tutorials

Starting from basic descriptive statistics up to advanced multivariate analysis, DATAtab offers a wide range of available statistical methods: t-tests, ANOVAs, correlation and regression, non-parametric tests, factor analysis and cluster analysis.

DATAtab users are also supported by useful tutorials explaining theory and statistical background and giving examples from different disciplines. You will find easy-to-understand information ranging from the level of measurements and frequency tables to hypothesis tests and regression models.

Alternative statistics software

The trial version of the statistics software with the sample data set and the extensive tutorials is free for everyone. This makes it possible to easily discover the variety of statistical methods.

Statistics software developed by experienced data scientists

DATAtab statistics program was developed in 2019 by an enthusiastic and experienced team of data scientists in Austria. Mathias Jesussek, PhD in technical sciences, is an expert in the fields of numerical mathematics and algorithms for data analysis and web development. Hannah Volk-Jesussek, PhD in social sciences, is a lecturer and researcher in the field of quantitative empirical research methods and statistics. Several universities and colleges already use DATAtab in teaching and for master theses and give very good feedback.

Why DATAtab as a statistics program?

DATAtab is an innovative and user-friendly web app for statistical data analysis. The web app makes it possible to perform statistical analyses and data visualizations directly online in the web browser. Users have no installation effort, get their results quickly and easily, and their data remains secure on their own PC.

DATAtab aims to make it easier for researchers, students and companies to enter the world of statistics and to make statistical data analysis as simple as possible. The web app offers a broad spectrum of methods, ranging from descriptive statistics to linear regression analyses, logistic regression analyses, factor analyses and cluster analyses.

Overview free statistics software

Here is a list of the most popular free statistics software:

  • R
  • Python
  • PSPP
  • Jamovi
free statistics program

R and Python are the representatives that require programming knowledge and PSPP and Jamovi can be operated with a graphical user interface.

Statistics Software R

R is a programming language used to analyze and display data. Thus, R is a free statistics software for statistical calculations and graphics. It compiles and runs on a variety of UNIX platforms, Windows and macOS. All components of the free statistics program are open source.

PSPP the free alternative to SPSS

GNU PSPP is a statistics program for statistical analysis of data. It is a free alternative to SPSS and is very similar to it. However, the range of functions of the free alternative to SPSS is partly not as large as in SPSS.

Statistics program Jamovi

jamovi is a free statistics program. jamovi was developed from the ground up for ease of use and is an alternative to statistical products such as SPSS and SAS.

Statistics Software JASP

JASP is an open source project supported by the University of Amsterdam. The free statistical software JASP is in use worldwide. To use JASP, it must first be downloaded and installed.

Overview of paid statistics software

Here is a list of the most popular paid statistical software:

  • SPSS
  • Minitab
  • SAS
  • Excel

Statistics Software Excel

Yes, Excel can also be used as a statistical software. This requires more effort for the calculation of statistical methods, but the training effort is low if you are already familiar with Excel.

Statistics software online

Only a few statistics software solutions offer the advantage of online use, so if you want it to be quick and easy, just take a look at the statistics calculator app DATAtab.

Cite DATAtab: DATAtab Team (2024). DATAtab: Online Statistics Calculator. DATAtab e.U. Graz, Austria. URL

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