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Create Sankey diagram online

To make a Sankey diagram, simply select 2 or more nominal variables. A Sankey diagram will then be automatically created online.

Create Sankey diagram online

You can use the sankey diagram maker to visualize your data and statistics easily and in a beautiful way. Just try the generator with your own data.

Sankey diagram

A Sankey diagram is a visualization that can be used to show a flow of values from one set of values to another. The things that are connected are called nodes, and the connections are called links.

A Sankey diagram is a type of flow diagram that is used to visualize the flow of energy, materials, or costs between different stages or processes. The diagram consists of a series of nodes, which represent the stages or processes, and the flow arrows, which represent the flow of energy, materials, or costs between the nodes. The width of the flow arrows is proportional to the magnitude of the flow, making it easy to see the relative importance of different flows.

When are Sankey diagrams used?

Sankey diagrams are particularly useful for visualizing energy or material balances in industrial processes, but they can also be used to visualize other types of flows such as financial flows, water usage, or web traffic.

One of the main advantages of Sankey diagrams is that they make it easy to see the distribution of energy, materials, or costs between different stages or processes, and to identify the stages or processes that are the most energy-intensive or material-intensive. This can be useful for identifying opportunities for improvement and for making better decisions.

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