Mathias Jesussek
Hannah Volk-Jesussek
What about data security?

With DATAtab you do not need to worry about your data security!

All calculations are done directly in your web browser and therefore no data is sent to a server. Furthermore, we do not use cookies from third party providers such as google analytics.

With DATAtab, your data therefore remains on your computer one hundred percent and data security is thus ensured.

Are the results on DATAtab correct?

When implementing the analysis methods on Datatab, we take the utmost care and quality! The calculations are backed up by a variety of tests and the results are compared with competing statistics programs whenever possible. Despite numerous quality assurance measures, a 100% certainty cannot be given, of course.

Who is behind DATAtab?

The statistics software DATAtab has been developed since 2019 by an enthusiastic and experienced team of data scientists in Austria. Mathias Jesussek, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, is an expert in the fields of numerical mathematics and algorithms for data analysis and web development. Hannah Volk-Jesussek, PhD in social sciences, is a lecturer in the field of quantitative-empirical research methods and statistics.

How can I cite DATAtab?

DATAtab Team (2023). DATAtab: Online Statistics Calculator. DATAtab e.U. Graz, Austria. URL https://datatab.net/

Can DATAtab Premium be used by all students of an entire university?

Yes, this is possible and also means a small effort for the university. Please contact us and we will discuss the simplest solution.

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Can DATAtab Premium also be used for all employees of a company?

Yes, this is possible without much effort! Please contact us and we will discuss the simplest solution.

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Is it possible to get a customized version of DATAtab for my company?

DATAtab is specialized in software solutions for data analysis, so we are happy to meet your individual needs and look forward to hearing from you.

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About us

Dr. Mathias Jesussek

Mathias Jesussek studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, Germany, where he specialized in numerical mathematics, statistics and data analysis. As a university assistant at Graz University of Technology, he completed his doctorate in the field of predictive maintenance and wrote relevant publications. Mathias has worked in the private sector in the field of risk management. At DATAtab he is responsible for web development and the implementation of numerical algorithms. In addition, he is a lecturer in the field of statistical data analysis.

Dr. Hannah Volk-Jesussek

Hannah Volk-Jesussek studied sociology at the University of Graz with a focus on empirical research methodology. As a university assistant at the University of Graz, she earned her doctorate in the field of international survey research and has written relevant publications. She works as a lecturer in the fields of quantitative and qualitative research as well as scientific work and writing at universities and universities of applied sciences. At DATAtab she supports the areas of content development and requirement management.

Cite DATAtab: DATAtab Team (2024). DATAtab: Online Statistics Calculator. DATAtab e.U. Graz, Austria. URL https://datatab.net

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