First steps with DATAtab

DATAtab is a web-based statistics software that runs right here in your browser window. Since it is a web application, it does not need to be downloaded or installed. You can start analyzing your data online in the statistics calculator on DATAtab at any time.

Data Entry

There are two ways to import data into DATAtab. Either you simply click on "Export / Import" and select an Excel file or you simply copy your data directly into the table.

Datatab Data Analysis

Data Preparation

Before you can evaluate your data, you must first prepare it. Preparing the data for statistical analysis is often more time-consuming than you might have thought. We recommend to start with the preparation of the data in Excel and if the data is in the desired form, simply insert it into DATAtab.

Missing values

In DATAtab you can define how missing values are in your data. To do this, simply click on Settings in the statistics calculator and enter the values that should be declared as missing.

Level of measurement and value labels

If the data are in the desired form, the level of measurement and value labels can be determined in DATAtab. DATAtab sets automatically all variables in those only numerical values are contained on metric scale level, if words are contained the nominal scale level is selected.


If a nominal variable with numbers is inserted in DATAtab, DATAtab initially assumes that it is a metric variable, this must then be changed manually.

If the level of measurement is not recognized correctly, it can of course also be changed by hand, go to the Variable View. Here you can edit all variable properties.

Data preparation


Under "Settings" you can make further settings. You can define which values are considered missing. However, we recommend that you first delete the missing values in Excel and transfer them to DATAtab as an empty field. Furthermore, you can also define whether the decimal separator is a comma or a dot, how many decimal places you want to have displayed and how your data is separated that you want to copy to DATAtab (usually leave this field empty).

Datatab Settings

Data Analysis

Now you can start the data analysis with DATAtab. First select one of the main areas in the Statistics Calculator and then click on the variables you want to analyze. DATAtab then automatically suggests the procedures that can be calculated with the given level of measurement.

Data analysis with datatab

For example, if you are on the tab "Hypothesis testing" and select on a metric variable, a simple t-test is calculated, if you select on two metric variables, a dependent t-test or independent t-test is calculated, or the Mann-Whitney U test or the Wilcoxon test if the assumptions for the t-test are not met. If three metric variables are clicked on, an ANOVA is calculated.

Data analysis results

In the example above an independent t-test was calculated by clicking on a metric variable and a nominal variable with two values.

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