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Survival Analysis Calculator

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Here you can calculate a survival time analysis according to Kaplan-Meier directly online. Just copy your data into the table above and with only a few clicks you can calculate the Survival Analysis according to Kaplan-Meier and get the Log-Rank Test. If you select more than two factors you can easily caclulate a Cox Regression.

Kaplan-Meier Survival Analysis Calculator

For the survival analysis according to Kaplan-Meier you need 3 variables, once the variable with the time until the event occured, a variable whether the event occurred or not (censored) and a third variable that contains the factors, i.e. the groups you want to compare. Just copy this Variables in the upper table and select the Variables.

kaplan meier_survival analysis calculator

Kaplan-Meier Survival Analysis Result presentation

DATAtab now displays the results of the Kaplan Meier survival analysis in the following form. First you get a summary of your data, you see how many values are in which group, how many times the event took place, and how many values were censored. Afterwards you can see the estimated value for the mean and the median as well as the 95% confidence intervall for the median.

Mean and median estimator kaplan meier

Log-Rank Test

DATAtab automatically gives you the log-rank test when comparing different groups, so you can easily compare the survival rates in different patient groups. You can easily read the p-value for the log-rank test.

log-rank-test calculator

Survival Curve

Of course, you also get the survival time curve output. In this curve you can graphically compare the different groups and see what shape the curves have.


Survival Table

And at the very end you will get all time points clearly displayed in a Survivial Table.


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