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Repeated Measures ANOVA Calculator

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Here you can calculate a repeated measures ANOVA online, simply select more than two metric variables.

Repeated Measures ANOVA calculator

The results of the repeated measures ANOVA are then clearly displayed. First the hypotheses are displayed, then the results of the ANOVA and finally a boxplot and the post hoc test.

Calculating Repeated Measures ANOVA online

Repeated Measures ANOVA

A Repeated Measures ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) is a statistical test used to determine if there are any statistically significant differences between the means of three or more dependent (related) groups. Therefore, unlike a traditional ANOVA, a Repeated Measures ANOVA is used when the same participants are used in all conditions. This is also known as a within-subjects ANOVA.

  • Within-Subjects Design: Participants are subjected to all treatments or conditions. The term "repeated measures" refers to the multiple measurements taken from the same subjects.
  • Assumptions: Like other ANOVA tests, it assumes that the data is normally distributed and that variances are equal (homogeneity of variance). It also requires the assumption of sphericity, which means that the variances of the differences between all possible pairs of groups are equal.
  • Post Hoc Tests: If significant results are found, post hoc tests may be necessary to determine exactly where the differences lie between groups.

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