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Contingency Table Maker

Example data

With the Contingency Table Maker you can create a contingency table right here online. Simply copy your data into the table above and select two nominal variables.

Contingency Table Maker

You will then receive the contingency table (crosstab) in a clear format based on APA style. Of course, if you select only one nominal variable, a frequency table will be calculated online.

Contingency Table Calculator

The Contingency Table Calculator is your go-to tool for creating detailed and accurate contingency tables effortlessly. Whether you’re a student, researcher, or data analyst, our user-friendly platform is designed to help you organize and interpret your data quickly and effectively.

If you whant to determine if there is a significant association between the two categorical variables you can use the Chi-Square (χ²) test calculator. The Chi-Square test is widely used in hypothesis testing to assess how likely it is that an observed distribution is due to chance.

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