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Spearman Correlation Calculator

To calculate a Spearman rank correlation online, simply select two ordinal or metric variables. If you select two metric variables, you must then click on Spearman Correlation. Just try it with the example data above.

Spearman Correlation Calculator

If you want to use your own data, simply copy it into the upper table and then select the appropriate variables. The results of the calculated Spearman correlation are then clearly displayed.

Calculate Spearman Correlation

Spearman Correlation

Spearman's correlation is used when the relationship between variables is not linear or when the data is not normally distributed. It is also often used when there are outliers in the data or when the data is ranked.

The Spearman correlation can take values between -1 and 1, where a value of -1 indicates a perfect negative correlation, a value of 1 indicates a perfect positive correlation and a value of 0 indicates no correlation between the variables.

Alternatives to Spearman rank correlation

As an alternative to the Spearman rank correlation, you can also calculate Kendall's tau online. Of course, if your data is normally distributed, you can also calculate the Peason correlation.

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