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Datatab Statistics Calculator

Statistics calculator

You want to analyze your data effortlessly?
DATAtab makes it easy and online.

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First step
Insert data
Copy your data into the statistics calculator.

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Second step
Select area
Choose what you want to do with your data.

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Third step
Select variables
Select the variables that interest you.

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Fourth step
DATAtab selects the appropriate method and interprets your results.

Statistics Simple

Online Statistics Calculator

What do you want to calculate online? The online statistics calculator is simple and uncomplicated! Here you can find a list of all implemented methods!

Descriptive statistics CalculatorLocation parameter CalculatorMean, Median, Mode CalculatorDispersion parameter CalculatorStandard Deviation and Variance CalculatorRange CalculatorFrequency table CalculatorContingency table CalculatorHypothesis Testing Calculatorp-Value CalculatorOne sample t-test Calculatort-test for independent samples Calculatort-test for paired samples CalculatorBinomial test CalculatorChi-square test CalculatorMann-Whitney U-Test CalculatorWilcoxon-Test CalculatorANOVA CalculatorRepeated Measures ANOVA CalculatorOne Way ANOVA CalculatorTwo Way ANOVA CalculatorTwo Way ANOVA repeated measures CalculatorThree Way ANOVA CalculatorMixed model ANOVA CalculatorFriedman Test CalculatorKruskal-Wallis Test CalculatorCorrelation CalculatorCovariance CalculatorPearson correlation CalculatorSpearman correlation CalculatorPoint biserial correlation CalculatorEta CalculatorRegression CalculatorLinear Regression CalculatorLogistic Regression CalculatorANCOVA (Analysis of Covariance) CalculatorModeration analysis CalculatorMediation analysis CalculatorPrincipal Component Analysis | PCA | Factor Analysis CalculatorReliability analysis CalculatorCronbachs Alpha CalculatorCohen’s Kappa CalculatorFleiss Kappa CalculatorKendall's Tau CalculatorKendall's W CalculatorIntra-Class-Correlation CalculatorCluster analysis Calculatork-Means Cluster analysis CalculatorHierarchical cluster analysis CalculatorProcess Capability Analysis CalculatorMeasurement system analysis | MSA CalculatorEquivalence and non-inferiority test CalculatorDecision Tree (CHAID) CalculatorAssociation Rules Analysis (Market Basket Analysis) CalculatorSurvival Analysis (Kaplan-Meier) CalculatorCox Regression CalculatorROC (Receiver operating characteristic) CalculatorDoE (Design of Experiments) Calculator2-Level Factorial Design CalculatorFull Factorial Design CalculatorFractional Factorial Design CalculatorPlackett-Burman Design CalculatorBox-Behnken Design CalculatorCentral Composite Design Calculator

Create charts online with DATAtab

Create your charts for your data directly online and uncomplicated. To do this, insert your data into the table under Charts and select which chart you want.

Create charts online

The advantages of DATAtab

Statistics, as simple as never before.

Statistics, as simple as never before.

DATAtab is a modern statistics software, with unique user-friendliness. Statistical analyses are done with just a few clicks, so DATAtab is perfect for statistics beginners and for professionals who want more flow in the user experience.

Directly in the browser, fully flexible.

Directly in the browser, fully flexible.

Directly in the browser, fully flexible. DATAtab works directly in your web browser. You have no installation and maintenance effort whatsoever. Wherever and whenever you want to use DATAtab, just go to the website and get started.

All the statistical methods you need.

All the statistical methods you need.

DATAtab offers you a wide range of statistical methods. We have selected the most central and best known statistical methods for you and do not overwhelm you with special cases.

Data security is a top priority.

Data security is a top priority.

All data that you insert and evaluate on DATAtab always remain on your end device. The data is not sent to any server or stored by us (not even temporarily). Furthermore, we do not pass on your data to third parties in order to analyze your user behavior.

Many tutorials with simple examples.

Many tutorials with simple examples.

In order to facilitate the introduction, DATAtab offers a large number of free tutorials with focused explanations in simple language. We explain the statistical background of the methods and give step-by-step explanations for performing the analyses in the statistics calculator.

Practical Auto-Assistant.

Practical Auto-Assistant.

DATAtab takes you by the hand in the world of statistics. When making statistical decisions, such as the choice of scale or measurement level or the selection of suitable methods, Auto-Assistants ensure that you get correct results quickly.

Charts, simple and clear.

Charts, simple and clear.

With DATAtab data visualization is fun! Here you can easily create meaningful charts that optimally illustrate your results.

New in the world of statistics?

New in the world of statistics?

DATAtab was primarily designed for people for whom statistics is new territory. Beginners are not overwhelmed with a lot of complicated options and checkboxes, but are encouraged to perform their analyses step by step.

Online survey very simple.

Online survey very simple.

DATAtab offers you the possibility to easily create an online survey, which you can then evaluate immediately with DATAtab.

Our references

Alternative to statistical software like SPSS and STATA

DATAtab was designed for ease of use and is a compelling alternative to statistical programs such as SPSS and STATA. On datatab.net, data can be statistically evaluated directly online and very easily (e.g. t-test, regression, correlation etc.). DATAtab's goal is to make the world of statistical data analysis as simple as possible, no installation and easy to use. Of course, we would also be pleased if you take a look at our second project Statisty.

Extensive tutorials

Descriptive statistics

Here you can find out everything about location parameters and dispersion parameters and how you can describe and clearly present your data using characteristic values.

Hypothesis Test

Here you will find everything about hypothesis testing: One sample t-test, Unpaired t-test, Paired t-test and Chi-square test. You will also find tutorials for non-parametric statistical procedures such as the Mann-Whitney u-Test and Wilcoxon-Test. mann-whitney-u-test and the Wilcoxon test


The regression provides information about the influence of one or more independent variables on the dependent variable. Here are simple explanations of linear regression and logistic regression.


Correlation analyses allow you to analyze the linear association between variables. Learn when to use Pearson correlation or Spearman rank correlation. With partial correlation, you can calculate the correlation between two variables to the exclusion of a third variable.

Partial Correlation

The partial correlation shows you the correlation between two variables to the exclusion of a third variable.

Levene Test

The Levene Test checks your data for variance equality. Thus, the levene test is used as a prerequisite test for many hypothesis tests.


The p-value is needed for every hypothesis test to be able to make a statement whether the null hypothesis is accepted or rejected.


DATAtab provides you with tables with distributions and helpful explanations of the distribution functions. These include the Table of t-distribution and the Table of chi-squared distribution

Contingency table

With a contingency table you can get an overview of two categorical variables in the statistics.

Equivalence and non-inferiority

In an equivalence trial, the statistical test aims at showing that two treatments are not too different in characteristics and a non-inferiority trial wants to show that an experimental treatment is not worse than an established treatment.


If there is a clear cause-effect relationship between two variables, then we can speak of causality. Learn more about causality in our tutorial.


Multicollinearity is when two or more independent variables have a high correlation.

Effect size for independent t-test

Learn how to calculate the effect size for the t-test for independent samples.

Reliability analysis calculator

On DATAtab, Cohen's Kappa can be easily calculated online in the Cohen’s Kappa Calculator. there is also the Fleiss Kappa Calculator. Of course, the Cronbach's alpha can also be calculated in the Cronbach's Alpha Calculator.

Analysis of variance with repeated measurement

Repeated measures ANOVA tests whether there are statistically significant differences in three or more dependent samples.

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